Pompei has been serving customers for generations with its original style of service.

Setting the trend in the late 80’s, well before the “Fast Casual” boom, Ralph Davino had a vision when he decided to expand the family business from just a small bakery specializing in bread and limited pans of pizza to the quick service Italian Restaurant it is today.

Ralph wanted to share the delicious recipes compiled from his childhood with the help of his wife Rosemarie and his mother, Marie. Ralph was able to produce delicious traditional Southern Italian meals to serve the very busy Near West Side “Little Italy” neighborhood in Chicago. Over the years, customers have come to know that they can always expect a warm welcome and an authentic Italian meal at a reasonable price from Pompei.

Especially unique to Pompei was the creation of the “Pizza Strudel”. Ralph was watching a hired pastry chef making cheese strudels when the lightbulb went on. “Why can’t I use my pizza ingredients in my pizza dough and create a Pizza Strudel?”, Ralph asked. Unlike the more common calzone, the Pizza Strudel offers less crust and more fillings to please the pallet.

Before long, these 12 original Strudels launched the catering and delivery aspect of Pompei. Extremely portable and a meal all in itself, the Pizza Strudel really is an inspired dish created by Ralph himself.

Our square Napolitano style pizza recipe remained authentic to the way Grandpa Luigi made it, but once again, the pizza selection was expanded by Ralph to include the 20 signature pizzas on display and made fresh throughout the day. Our pizza and strudel display is a tantalizing sight to see that will please all your senses.

Pompei is one of Chicago’s oldest and most beloved Italian eateries. Pompei has been a labor of love for four generations and continues to grow because of its dedication to quality ingredients, personal service and loyal customers.

Ralph Davino in the kitchen circa 1984

Ralph Davino in the kitchen circa 1984

Uncle Fonzi circa 1970

Uncle Fonzi
circa 1970

Grandpa Luigi early 1900s

Grandpa Luigi
early 1900s